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021/Music for 18 Musicians

Wow, I am listening to the recording that the Tanglewood Music Center performed this summer [of the Reich] and it’s great. Two things really strike me: obviously the musicianship and the great care and coordination it took to rehearse/perform this piece, but also the audio quality of the recording. I’m not sure how well known it is, but TMC has other programs than just instrumental and vocal. There are conducting fellows, composing fellows, audio fellows, a publications fellow, librarian fellows and piano technician fellows. It’s great because it’s very inclusive of all the things a major symphony orchestra needs to function at a high level. While the music and musicians are clearly the focus, many other things go on so a successful rehearsal or great concert can be had.

This summer was wonderful. I learned a huge amount, met fantastic musicians and listen to great music almost constantly. What more could you ask for? (Perhaps some air conditioning once in a while…)  Not only did this summer cement my career path, but it will stick out as one of my best summers in my life, hands down. Hopefully, being at Tanglewood in some capacity will continue for a long, long time.


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018/All done.

It’s more or less official: I am done with my master’s! Exciting stuff, though I’ll only feel the real thrill when I’ve got that fancy schmancy diploma in hand. Actually, completing my last paper and giving my last presentation seemed anticlimactic; where were the fireworks, the dousing of champagne and jewels? Perhaps it was because I’ve only been going to school part time and still have a full time job to go back to that it seemed less exciting. In college, I had some freedom and rest to look forward to. 50 days until Tanglewood; now that’s definitely something to look forward to.

Eventually I’ll cull all the interesting and informative bits I’ve learned while getting my master’s and working…but for now, I’m going to try to bask in the sun.

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017/Death spiral.

I stole that from my comrade and colleague, Jason Gottsacker (Web Technologies Officer of Music Library Student Group, aka MusLibKids, aka MLSG, etc. etc.). Upon further research (like any good librarian), it’s also an ice-skating move and a type of insurance plan. Great! But that’s basically how I’m feeling, with intermittent bursts of life! Spring! Graduation! Summer! Everything seems to be happening all at once, as it usually does.

I literally have two weeks until I am done with my MLIS. Graduation isn’t until May 10, but I’m not walking. I’ve decided to use the money I would have spent on the cap/gown/hood ridiculous-ness on a nice frame for my diploma (and do my undergrad one while I’m at it). My final project = print music vs. digital music…who wins? Wouldn’t want it to give it all away now (especially since I’m not quite finished, ahem), but I think in the end, we all win! Sounds cliche, but we can make informed decisions that work best for our respective situations (and wallets).

Onto the most exciting news: I’m a Tanglewood Library Fellow! This is super exciting and I’m SO jazzed and honored. I know a few previous fellows and they’ve all given rave reviews. Let me see, 8 weeks of classic and contemporary music, made by amazing musicians from all over the world, conducted by world class maestros/maestri (I think both are correct, but please let me know!), coached by principal BSO players…oh you know, no biggie.

So, death spiral be damned! You will be over briefly and a music/libraries/summer spiral will commence. Hopefully some swimming will also ensue.

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008/Update Central

Oh, hello there…blog type thing! Yes, this is a terribly overdue update and I obviously have a plethora of excuses, but no need for that now. To the updates:

~Spring semester is officially over! I successfully completed International and Comparative Librarianship, Collection Development and Preservation Management. The International Library class was wholly online, my first. We all had to pick a country to explore, so I chose Vietnam. I learned all about their library development in the late ’80s/early ’90s and what direction they’re going in now–a more Western version/patron driven/information commons, like many universities in the States. It’s interesting that it’s harder to find current and actively updated (as well as translated!) information regarding libraries. Hopefully that will be changing in the near future. Preservation Management ended with a really great project: you are the new archivist at a hypothetical historical society in a ritzy New England coastal town…what do you do?! One of my ideas was to rent the 300 year old house located on the water for weddings and other events, with some of the money going to fix the roof/other building issues.

~I just found out that I’ll be an Ensemble Library Intern at the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp this summer! I immediately applied as soon as I heard about the opening and I’m so excited: I’m going to learn so much about ensemble librarianship. I honestly cannot wait. While I was in college, playing in summer festivals/camps was so much fun and while this will be slightly different, I know the environment will be just as inspiring. Actually, I’m planning on bringing my horn to practice when there is some downtime. I’ve also never been to Michigan, so that’s another exciting element as well.

~I’m starting an online Music Cataloging class next week. I also can’t wait: even though my brief experience with cataloging was somewhat challenging (it just didn’t click with me, like it does for some folks), I think music will be especially intriguing. I also have this slightly crazy idea to listen to each piece we catalog/discuss. Might take me longer than the duration of the course, but I think it’ll be great practice!

I’m really excited for summer now. Definitely will be writing more about all I’m learning and experiencing, both with Music Cataloging and at Interlochen. I’m also still working on the BYSO’s library re-organizations…I have a great “before” photo to post; I know it will take a while to get through all of our music, but I’m excited to post the “after” photo…probably much later in the summer, if not the year! A bientot.

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