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The greatest thing I’ve learned so far during my internship is: remain flexible. Jumping to your first conclusion (here and anywhere else for that matter) is bad, bad, bad. Usually, a solution (or option of sorts, if you want) will present itself in the problem or things will be very easily remedied.  I freaked out the first few times I couldn’t find music or thought I had “lost” something, when really, it was just under that other pile or with that stack of music. I’d rush to my manager/conductor/boss: “I can’t find it! I had it in my hands ten seconds ago and it just up and walked out!,” I’d cry, feeling like the rotation of the world depended on me having this music right now. Of course, they would offer up a sensible solution (or hand me the very music I was looking for) and I’d walk away, embarrassed and feeling defeated. Of course, this was a personal problem before I came to this internship, but the internship has really helped me identify and work on the problem. Also, as with many jobs/situations/LIFE in general: things change. You can’t predict it and you most likely can’t change the change, so you just have to go with it. Repertoire changes, seatings change, rehearsal times/spaces change…what can you do? You can bitch and moan about it (believe me, I have) or you can just say “Well, I can do everything I can do to get x,y and z to you by a reasonable time.” And usually, most people are just fine with that because hopefully, they’ve been in that situation before. And if not, then it gives you good practice to deal with the people who apparently have had everything handed to them.

So, to being flexible and willing to keep things rolling when you’ve got the proverbial kink in the wheel. Also, to Mahler 1. More on that later!

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