Made it! After a somewhat last minute application process (coupled with the feeling I thought I had a very slight chance to get in, but figured really nothing to lose), I did it. I’m one of the ensemble librarians at the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp (check out their site, it’s really great: http://camp.interlochen.org/)! I’d heard of Interlochen before, but didn’t realize that there were so many wonderful internship opportunities. All the ensemble librarians started training on Saturday and tomorrow begins our prep week. This is somewhat daunting, as we are preparing music for ensembles that aren’t fully formed (that is, we don’t have exact numbers of players/parts) and that we haven’t encountered yet! But, all the interns come from diverse backgrounds (seasoned orchestral librarians, music teachers, students…) and everyone has been super helpful, so while there may be some bumps in the road (well, there definitely will be!) I think the end result will be great. I’m really excited for what’s to come. It’s also rather convenient that the campus is gorgeous!

I’m also in the midst of my online music cataloging class—whew! It’s definitely tough, as I don’t have that natural cataloger inclination, but it’s good practice. The assignments and class are giving me ample opportunity to practice what I’d really like to spend my life doing: providing access to music, whether it’s actual live performances, recordings, histories, theory, reference materials, etc! The more I immerse myself in the music world, the more I realize that it’s my home.

lake at interlochen!


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