007/March Madness

Forewarning: This post has nothing to do with basketball. Although, I do know the favorite team of the librarian of the Boston Symphony. Juicy tidbit, I know. March has been…well, up and down. Highs and lows. Lulls and… storms (?). Library-wise, I’ve learned a lot.

1) That preservation (as a class and a concept) is very fascinating and probably should be a requirement for every MLIS program. I don’t know if this is because I’m geared more towards a “special” library, but we want to keep our things! We want to keep our things the way they are AND let people access them. This is a must.

2) Libraries in other countries are vastly different. Granted, this is no surprise, but the question is: should they be? Should there be some sort of international standard? Given the plethora of variables (governments, customs, social norms, digital/technology/internet access, etc.) I don’t think this is a viable option, although it would be nice to think there could be a baseline of sorts. At least a collection of relevant reference and fiction/pleasure reading materials, a computer or two, with reasonable internet (sans dial up, if possible) to access information and the ability to communicate with people who have more resources on hand who can share ’em with you. Promotion of said communication/resources and actual acceptance of these things needs to also happen.

3) Even though libraries sometimes get a bad rap (shocking, I know), the library community is one of the most helpful and giving ones I know of. Everyone is helpful and willing to lend a hand, regardless of where you are or if you’re affiliated with them or not (usually you’re not!). I guess I’ve known this all along, but it’s really sinking in now. This is definitely something that has drawn me in and something that excites me. It’s wonderful knowing you have a responsive community to brainstorm with and an even better feeling when you’re the one helping someone else out.

Well, more concrete things later: the youth, practicing a brass instrument as a form as retaliation and that live music feeling.


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