My first post on my new blog! Always an exciting moment. I’m waiting for my collection development/management class to begin: so far, it’s been interesting and informative. I also hadn’t realized it was a “blended” class (half face-to-face, half online), but that works really well with my schedule. I’m also taking an international and comparative library class (fully online) along with preservation management. Good, interesting stuff all around!

Yesterday I “started” (I didn’t do that much, so I’m not sure it counts) my internship at Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras. It’s a really great group and reminds me of musical activities I did when I was in middle/high school. Being able to contribute to an organization that provides kids with a great outlet and an opportunity to become better musicians is so rewarding, even if it’s completely behind the scenes and not something people immediately think of. I really hope I can create a library system that will be intuitive, clean and sustainable for the future of BYSO. Having an easy to use library will make rehearsals and performances run much smoother—even if the kids don’t really notice!

I’m hoping to chronicle my semester at Simmons here, as well as my internship with BYSO. I’ll also be posting other interesting links, stories and ideas about libraries, music and music libraries.


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